Parents Comments

Emily, David, Isla and Audrey Dear Sam and all the staff at Russell Hill Road Daty Nursery, We can't belive it is time to say goodbye!Thank you so much for all your hard work looking after Audrey and Isla. The range of activities you have offered every day to keep then happy and busy is very impressive. We feel the girls have been well cared for and always with lots of love. We will Miss you. Wishing you all a lovely summer!

Katy I had a great day working in the baby room. The girls showed that they had good relationships with the children with lots of cuddlesand interaction and were very friendly. You can also see the staff have good relationships with each other which is important. Thankyou for a good day girls.

Jo, Johan and Harry To all the lovely ladies at Russell Hill, we can't thank you enough for Looking after Harry so well. He has loved his time at nursery and will miss you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Evie So it's the last day of nursery for Owen, thank you for everything. Owen and Evie have had a fantastic few years with you all. Baby sister looking forward to joining you next year. What an amazing nursery and team.

Jo Greenash I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the Russell Hill Road staff for their care and commitment towards Harry in the nearly 4 years he had been at Nursery. He has enjoyed every minute and learnt so much. He has thrived under the particular care of Sam, Lauren and JoJo. Thank you for everything. I’m so sad that he will be leaving and so is he!! But I feel the nursery has helped Harry to grow into the confident, funny and charismatic boy that he is and he is fully prepared for starting school.

Vijay & Anne Both Dylan and Eoin have loved their time at Russell hill and I'm sure they will always have very fond memories of their time there. We have always been very happy with the care they have received at Russell Hill and with all the great activities and outings you provide. They boys have formed very positive relationships with the staff at Russell hill which has really supported their development during their time there. We are looking forward to the summer at Russell hill.

Demelza X I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sam and the staff at Russell Hill for the care and education they have provided Hendrix with during his time at the nursery. The nursery has provided Hendrix with a safe and nurturing environment where he has flourished. We would highly recommend the setting to other parents who are looking for nursery care for their children. Thank you for everything!!!!

Ana To the amazing team at Russell Hill, I feel like here is my second home as Johan enjoys himself so much here. You have also looked after him so well.

Lucy and Dave We just wanted to let you know how fantastic we think you all are! Keep on doing the excellent job you are doing.

Hannah Thank you for looking after Willow so well and preparing her for starting school and thank you also for the French, Music and Drama, football and Piano tutor.

Candace and Te-araye Just wanted to say a big thank you all the Staff at Russell Hill Road Day Nursery, my daughter has learnt so much from you all. We will truly never forget you and will keep in touch in the future. You have cemented a place in our hearts!

Kuba Thank you to all the staff at Russell Road Day Nursery for looking after my son, you all have been amazing and we will miss you loads.

Harrison's Mum I'm extremely pleased with how my child has developed over the past few years at Russell Hill Road Day Nursery. I feel he is completely ready for school. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work.

Jenny (from Croydon SEN team) I have always enjoyed visiting Russell Hill Road Day Nursery. a very warm welcoming setting with a commitment to inclusion and special needs and the outside area is FANTASTIC.

Katie My child has been at Russell Hill for almost a year now and has developed amazingly in that time, sometimes I think that she loves the girls more than me! Nothing is ever too much effort and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Simon My son attends nursery 2 days week, he loves every minutes he comes to nursery and we can see such a massive difference since starting. he has become so inquisitive and I would like to say thank you to the nursery staff.