At Russell Hill we are pioneering a new 24 hour nursery facility which offers childcare from 7pm - 7am, excluding Sunday evenings, for those parents who require the service. We aim to cater to parents working several different types of hours, including evening, overnight, drop-in, and non-traditional services. We also provide care for special events and especially tailored care for corporate clients.

Corporate clients will have the opportunity to customize child care packages for their workforce base on work schedules of their various departments. This will provide the freedom of choice for employees working non-traditional shifts.

Our endeavours are to provide absolutely, a quality evening and overnight child care experience that will give parents peace of mind while working non-traditional hours, provide a safe haven for children during evenings and overnights, and create a stimulating night-time experience that will satisfy the needs of parents and keep the children excited about returning each night.

During a child's stay with us, they will be provided with evening and morning meals and a comforting loving and secure environment enabling them to settle for sleep. We will adhere to the children's individual evening routines as specified by their parent/carers.

Our friendly and loving staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of child care.

Staff are awake and are on duty throughout the night

In striving to provide the ultimate child care experience for both parent and child, we offer a clean, secure and nurturing environment, in a home-based setting.

Young boy cuddling a stuffed animal

The adult/child ratios for our day time registration are maintained overnight. Every child will be constantly monitored both visually and via a listening device, such as a baby monitor.

Physical Environment

All children staying overnight will each have a suitable bed or cot and clean bedding, flannel, hairbrush, toothbrush, the sleep areas are seperate from the main play areas. The building is excellently maintained and is centrally heated and draft free. The Sleeping Rooms are maintained at a temperature which ensures the comfort of the child/ren.

Children have access to adequate toilet and washing facilities. These include their own toilets, bath and shower facilities.

Our staff is mindful of children's privacy where age appropriate. The privacy of children is respected and only key workers will have access to the children during bath-time or when children are undressing.

Child with a toothbrush
child in the sleeping area

The sleeping areas are daily risk assessed and do not have any health or safety hazards.

At Russell Hill we have a comprehensive fire detection system in place, and is regularly tested.

The entire property were inspected by the Fire Safety Officer and all recommendations on fire safety and arrangements for safe emergency evacuation are met before any child is looked after overnight.

All staff and age appropriate children will be aware of what to do in the unlikely case of fire or gas leak emergency. Regular fire drills are carried out and recorded in a fire log book. Extra tall stair gate with an alarm has been fitted to the landing. Carbon monoxide detector is located downstairs and upstairs. All doors at Russell Hill are fire proof door, that will give an extra 30min before the smoke and fire enters the rooms. At each exit point of the house there is a powder extinguisher and illuminated exit and directional signs in the event of a power failure.

In the sleeping rooms there are baby monitors, and light dimmers to afford a restful night sleep for the children.

In the Bathroom we have safety extra long bath-mat to lessen the chance of a child slipping. Each child will have their own personalised toiletry bag, that should contain their own slippers, pyjamas, belongings from home. We will provide all bedding and towels.

Appropriate security arrangements are in place in order to protect the premises from unauthorized entry. No-one other than Nursery Staff who has been police checked stays on the premises overnight.


There is an excellent level of hygiene, decoration and cleanliness in all areas of the building. Before children are accommodate, the rooms are properly ventilate. Our beds and cot are brand new and are cleaned daily.

Getting ready for bed, brushing teeth
Children having a meal
Food and Drink

Suitable meals/feeds/drinks are provided. Requirements are discussed with parents in advance.

Partnership with parents

Parents will be consulted about all matters pertaining to their child, and agreement sought about all the arrangements that will be made and are in place for their child to be looked after overnight. We will facilitate an exchange of information about the routines at home and in the provision and, wherever possible, the parents' routine will be accommodated. We will always give a report/ feedback to the parents/carers from the night care when requested.

We will request information from parents on their child's sleeping habits and any problems which may arise during the night, i.e. bed wetting, nightmares etc. and seek to ensure a consistent and sensitive approach.

Mother and child posing for a picture
Children sitting around a table drawing

As is standard to our day time service, no child is received into the provision without emergency contact numbers being provided. If the parents are unavailable to be contacted, another named person will need to be available to collect the child if necessary and confirmation of their agreement to do so is obtained. These details are included in the contract with parents.

Our new pioneering service is a result of parents expressing a need for evening and night childcare services, and we are confident that our endeavours is a most welcome addition the childcare community in Croydon , and offers a degree of flexibility hitherto to unmatched locally.